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Everything you need to know before starting the design of your restaurant:

When starting a restaurant renovation project it is very important to take care of its design, as it is a key differentiating factor for customers to choose your restaurant. It is also the first impression that will guide them on what kind of service they can expect and influences how they perceive the brand.

Nowadays diners are looking for a multisensory experience when they go to eat, so there are several elements that must be taken into account when carrying out the design of the bar or restaurant. These aspects are the organization of the space; the lighting; and the colors, smells and acoustics.

As for the distribution of the floor plan of your restaurant, it should be borne in mind that it will vary according to the type and size of the restaurant, but it is always important to bear in mind that functionality must prevail, that circulation must be fluid and that each element must be positioned so that it does not pose an obstacle.

On the other hand, the kitchen is the main component of a restaurant and directly influences the other elements, so it is essential to address various issues related to its distribution. Some basic aspects are that it should be practical, efficient and comfortable, in addition to estimating the public that will attend, studying the culinary offer and assessing the available budget.

Menu design:

One of the main elements of a restaurant is the menu, which should be focused on the restaurant model. It is recommended to use colors consistent with the brand image, in addition to adding the business logo.

The menu should follow a logical order so that customers can find what they want easily, in addition to using a legible typology with a correct size. Other aspects to take into account are the paper used and the size.

Finally, it is advisable to have an online menu that can be consulted via a QR code. These often provide more information than traditional menus, such as ingredients and nutritional values. Some restaurants are even implementing interactive menus, which allow the diner to read the gastronomic offer and order without the need for a waiter.

How to attract customers to your restaurant?:

One of the keys to attract customers is to design a restaurant for them and not for you, being clear about the business model and the needs of the typical customer. Some determining factors are differentiation from the competition, generating experiences and looking for what is relevant to the customer.

Other ideas are to create different environments within the same premises, have a website and social networks, organize an attention-grabbing opening, organize cooking events, hold events and discounts on special days or make home deliveries.

But how much does it cost to set up a restaurant?:

The cost of setting up a restaurant will vary significantly depending on several factors, such as size, location, type of cuisine offered, and its level of luxury and quality.

Among the different expenses are the rental or purchase of the premises; the equipment of the kitchen and dining room, including utensils, appliances, furniture and decoration; the acquisition of inventory, supplies and food; and the licenses and permits necessary to operate.

An important point that can significantly increase the cost is the installation of the fume extraction system, which is necessary at 4,000 kv and above. This involves an average cost of €2,000 per linear meter.

What bureaucratic formalities do I have to complete in order to be able to carry out my activity?

The procedures to be carried out will vary depending on the city where the restaurant is located. It is important to bear in mind that in certain areas of the Community of Madrid, due to the Law of Public Entertainment and Recreational Activities, a change of use of the premises is prevented, so the only option would be to carry out a transfer of an establishment that already has the necessary permits.

Some of the procedures that will always be necessary are the registration of the business in the trade registry and the tax registry; obtaining the necessary permits and licenses (such as the land use permit, health permits, permits for the sale of alcoholic beverages...); and the inspection of the premises to verify that the safety and health requirements are complied with.

What part of your restaurant should you take the most care of?:

One of the aspects that must be taken care of in any restaurant is the way of ordering and serving. There are several options such as self-ordering, in which the customer orders on screens and waits for his order to be prepared; bar service with a pager to be taken to the table; bar service in which the food is served at the bar; and table service in which the staff attends to the customers orders at the table. In addition, a hybrid system is beginning to be incorporated, which consists of the installation of tablets at the tables.

Another of the most important spaces in a bar or restaurant is the terrace, since the clientele wants to have the possibility of being in a good outdoor space, where they can enjoy and rest.

On the other hand, something fundamental lately in the design of restaurants is the bathrooms, since it is a space which has become a photographable corner. This can be used for customers to share images through social networks, tagging the restaurant or putting its location.

This fact is directly related to the importance of digital marketing, since not only the physical space should be taken care of, but also the digital image through social networks and the web.


At Paralelo Estudio we are passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to bring their brand to life through design. We believe that each project is unique and has a story behind it that must be told. We will transfer the idea of your business to the space that we will transform together, at Paralelo. Discover who we are.

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